28 febrero 2010

Ghost World

I didn't go swimming today. I just stayed at home and did nothing.
Quite a relaxing weekend. I turned on the TV and voilá, Ghost World, one of my favorite flicks starred by Thora Birtch and Ms. Johannson.
The film is based on an underground comic book and the soundtrack is great.
Really dig blues...

27 febrero 2010

All of your tomorrows

Photos by Jeff Luker.

26 febrero 2010

A season in hell

I really dig Rimbaud...

25 febrero 2010

Is it a boring day?

Photographs by Michael Otero.

o_O ?

I think I'm losing inspiration...

23 febrero 2010

I used to love her but i had to kill her

21 febrero 2010

Thursday + Friday + Saturday + Sunday

Last week was one of the toughest I've ever had in my life...
Lots of mixed up feelings and undoubtedly a rollercoaster the one I went on this last week.


Got one of my students to tell my future and he was quite, quite right about what he told me.
Never been to fortune teller before, as I think there is no more fate that the one we make. It’s just us and the circumstances…
Anyway, as my student flipped the cards up and told me what he saw, everything fell into place… got chills up and down my spine.
I had to ask about her and the answer was what I thought it might be… or the one I wished it was… You and I are not meant to be together…
Late that night, two friends and I went to a place where a bunch of voluptuous girls take their knickers off and I have to say I really had a blast that night… Got some beer, a good laugh…
There´s something quite appealing about these places.
I imagine they are the new 21st century cult to fertility temples…
Loved Violeta…


Got up at 7 and flew to work for tutoring at 8 am. Got a sandwich at 11 and on my way home had some cookies and some ice cream. Rushed to the ATM at 1 and got some salty popcorn. Went to eat at 2h3o and had some fish, broccoli and carrots.
Couldn’t help smile when I ran into some ‘alegrias’ in the park right in front of my pad. Saw a blue balloon being carried away by the wind. 3h30 kicked to work at the Fac and got me a chocolate bar to enjoy later.
8 o’clock and after nibbling on my candy bar I got me a large hot cocoa glass.
Got home and had a big bowl of cereal. When I was ready to sleep I realized I have a quite serious eating disorder as I fill up my appetite with whatever I find on my path – metaphorically speaking…
It’s as if I was trying to fill in a space with food...
Got some sleeping problems… I couldn’t dream at all and that worried me a lot.


Hit it up to the town center to get some working material and got me some ice cream. I went to work and I have to say that I really enjoy being a teacher.
After class I had a couple of drinks with my boss and had a quite interesting chat.
Cool people my boss and peeps, I learn a lot from them. I think they’re the best I got from the U-Ve-Eme experience.
At 6 met my homies I hadn’t seen in almost 2 months or more. Got some booze and tostadas… I’m a burger eating machine…
Had a good laugh with my buddies and at the same time I missed some others. Can’t wait to have them all together again… Arrived to the Valley at midnight and the cat had 5 cubs in the bathroom. All of them are black…


Got up very early, trying to keep up with my pops who I hadn’t seen for a week. Had breakfast together and had a good laugh. Went to have lunch with my brother and ordered some shrimp and a tuna turn over. Can’t believe my brother is making up his mind. I’m quite happy for him…
Got back home and I surprisingly found that someone got 30 pesos credit on my cellphone. My rabbit was in the garden and I could tell she’s very big now. She’s been digging a lot these past two weeks.
One of my friends called me and hit it up to the hot springs. I had a very good and pleasant dip in the pool. Got some beer and cracked up laughing…
Then we went to a town nearby and I had a huge gorda de haba and a sope and I just had to lick my fingers up. Delicious garnachas!
At 8 we rushed back to the Valley and I feel exhausted…
I have to say I feel exhausted but I’m happy, quite happy.
I just realized that I was taking everything so serious and I had forgotten to take some time for myself, Work gets a lot from me and I sometimes feel drained, both mentally and physically.
I had been a little nervous because I stopped dreaming. I just couldn’t dream again, maybe because of stress. Last night I did…
I dreamed I was wandering my garden when I saw a jaguar in a rabbit hole.
The jaguar was enormous but I was not scared at all, even when I knew it might eat me up and choke on me…

19 febrero 2010

I am depressed...

This has been a hectic week... I've been throught lots of shit these past two weeks...
I don't feel OK at all.

15 febrero 2010

Something he doesn't have

Lovers take over parks and every gap they find between doors...
Children buy cheesy stuffed animal frosted with cheap candy...
Old people hold hands on the bus...
Girls and boys kissing as if they wanted to suck each other's soul...
Heart-shaped balloons get in your way to see the deep blue sky...
You can smell candyfloss in the air and you tell this is not like any other ordinary day...
In this scenario we can find Lowly Boy wandering the streets in search for some popcorn.
While busily running the crowded streets, he wonders if anyone is thinking about him.
Recollections fill up his head, some good, some bad, recollections that's all...
As he grabs some popcorn close to his mouth, he feels a little bit envious of the couple sitting right in front of him, holding hands, flicking each other's hair and softly kissing as if there was nothing around...
Lowly Boy feels a bit uncomfortable and thinks I might have been a better idea to stay home playing Nintendo... but the didn't.
There's something a little vouyeristic in Amadeus behavior. He's more of a witness. He's playing a silent role in the whole picture, as he didn't want to be noticed.
Even when he's dying of grief inside, he just wants to stare at those fools locking lips... as if he was part of something he might never have...

11 febrero 2010

RIP Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen was found dead at his place this morning T - T
I think those Puma sneakers I wanted to buy are fucking going off the wall...
Too bad, this guy was a genious...

10 febrero 2010

I'm a... Virgin

09 febrero 2010

Patti and Robert

Photo by Norman Seeff (1969)

08 febrero 2010

About her

Great Expectations (1998)

07 febrero 2010

Found objects I

Dead Black Cat, Snake drawing, Bouquet, I ♥ you.
I ran into these peculiar objects when wandering in the streets.

06 febrero 2010


Cool Jay-Z. The Black Album rocks!

04 febrero 2010

You are pretty much by yourself by now

Photographs by Matthew Genitempo.

03 febrero 2010

The limb

Photos by Craig Nunn.

02 febrero 2010

Romance is boring

Los Campesinos Romance is boring (2010)

01 febrero 2010

You didn't even tried