31 agosto 2009

AT 24...

...I learned that as time goes by, you start looking life in a different way.

*Translated from Spanish. I read this line from a book a man handed me on the bus on my way to work.


Happy Monday y'all!

30 agosto 2009


I can honestly say it has been a hectic hell of a week at my new job. Lots of new things to adapt to, new people to meet and learn from, new attire to be worn from this time on, you know, the usual and uncomfortable boring ready-to-work outfit: shirts, dress up trousers, sweaters and Polo black shoes.
I hated it! I felt like a fucking nerd ready to be punched in the face! But I had to resign myself to wearing that preppy stuff and taking it off the minute I'm home.

It's been crazy adapting to this new schedule and working environment... I come from a public school and I have to say that the Public and Private inner-myself collition made me want to quit the first day. But I'm not a fucking quitter though...

I once heard that if you are imminently about to fail, you should do it gracefully... Well, I think I'm not very far away of proving this theory. I'm not saying I'm about to fuck everything up, it's just I'm a little bit confused about how to carry out some tasks that had been tied to me in the first place.

Having this bizarre obsession with perfection has made me some harm at some point. I cannot accept any failure in my working process, but when the failure comes from a technical mishap that's when I start to flip out.

I hate computers, I cannot get along with technology. I certainly know how to use Word and Internet but I'm ridiculously unable to plug a fricking projector and that just frustrates me. My 'Neo-Luddite' attitude vengefully played trickery on me. I have to get a laptop and try to get updated regarding high-tech stuff.

Pros and Cons fly across my eyes whenever I think of the damage count:

P> No rents need to be paid as I'm currently residing at my pops'.
P> Laugh a lot when talking to mom or dad.
P> Eat a lot thourght the entire day.
P> Work is conviniently near home, it takes me about 30' to get there.
P> I'll be able to save enough money in order to achieve my short and long term plans.

C< Wealthy people can really be mean.
C< After the very unpleasant altercate with new students I learned to get a grip and make use of coherent loquacity in order to make Ss bow down or bow out. I just cannot put up with bratz bs.
C< I greatly dislike the fact that some people already know where I worked before and throw some silly yet catty q's and comments like 'Why didn't you accept the position offered to you?' 'You're very young, are you sure they really wanted you to work at the Fac?' 'Practice is rather different from being sitting in a desk translating you know...'

Of course I fucking know what teaching is like and of course I know what translating demands from you too. I never thought the people at the Fac would spread the rumor of me turning down job proposals and of course I wouldn't even imagined people in a very, very far away institution would even bother to do some research about me and my working history. Anyway, I think I just overreacted, as usual...

I have dealt with wealthy people before, almost a year and a half ago. I truly think Charity events are a massive display of the help you 'genuinely' hand out to people, or maybe you are just making amends for wrongdoing and go to heaven, or maybe you just want some paparazzi attention and make it to the front page of newspapers... Oh, rich people have mysterious ways.

That night I was sent as an interpreter of a lovely American doctor, Mrs Kay. I'm not going to lie, she was so sweet and charming. The event was the great opening of the first Mexican institution to treat dysplasia. I didn't know that existed until Mrs Kay started telling me that you can even tell when the parents are the potential procreators of a child carrying this disease. I learned a lot that day from Mrs Kay... but I did learn too from what some unscrupulous moneyed peeps are able to say or do.

After my performance in front of Mr. Peña Nieto and Lolita Ayala, a legion of waiters brought wine and caviar. Delightful dinner have to admit, Peña Nieto is cool and he never has a hair out of place. Mrs Ayala is creepy, you kwno what I mean, Botox and face lifts when you ahve it closer.

Awkardness got me overwhelmingly while having my glass of wine and some foie gras ordures when I heard some comments from the host, saying 'This is what I have to do, I have to work for bums!'

I was shocked and grossed out. Speechless and pissed off, but I kept my composure in order to pull everything off. I said goodbye to Mrs Kay, left the hotel, got a cab and went to my pad. That night I couldn't sleep thinking on how moneyed people's world run. I mean, I was an outsider. I come from a very small town and I worked at a rural school, so I do know what poverty is like... Of course there are some wealthies who should not be jugded for the fact the have plenty of money, like my defeño friend Richie or lovely Sandy.

But here, at my job I'm surrounded with lots of students that think, act and speak very different from me and for me to not lose control I just have to keep my mouth shut and try to not speak some of my ideas. I sometimes feel I'm backstabbing my own principles... but I have taken an oath I have to keep and achieve.

I know everything from this time on will demand a lot of efforts and self-control.

I know the road might be a little bumpy for me, but I have been in worst and even more daring scenarios. This time the thing is just getting a grip, putting myself together and enjoy what I do to the fullest.

Maybe that will kept me out from trouble and drama, or will end up killing my principles and burgoise will devour me and chock on me.

Time will tell...

29 agosto 2009


Harpers Bazaar September issue pays tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, who would be turning 51 years old today. Great photos by one of my favorite artists Terry Richardson.

27 agosto 2009


26 agosto 2009


The purpose of opening this new section here is to celebrate simple yet touching things, scenarios or people that still make us believe in life.
This is my friend Pako, a 7 y/o Poodle. He's the only one at home jumping and cheering when I arrive home after work; he loves chocolate covered cookies, ice cream, frightening birds away and rolling over the lawn. He's one of my best friends, he's always there for me...
I remember seven years ago I was really depressed because I didn't know if I was going to graduate from High School when the University had already accepted me in. I wanted to die just because I felt destiny was against me. I was reading a Chemistry book and started crying 'cause I couldn't get a fucking shit from the book.
Pako heard me and he went right to me, lift his paws and touched my knees. I stared at him and he was looking at me with his innocent smile and his sparkling brown eyes...
We love hitting of the street on Sunday. I fucking love my dog!


"We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses."



24 agosto 2009


23 agosto 2009


Tomorrow is my first day at work. The idea is freaking me out!!!
I know I'll innocently fuck it up a few times and I'll eventually master everything I'm told to do as I always do.
I'm excited!!!

22 agosto 2009


21 agosto 2009


This is my favorite film ever!!!
Directed by brilliant director Stanley Kubrick, based on Anthony Burgess book.
The film portrays Alex DeLarge frenetic journey to destruction, until he goes under a very peculiar Pavlovian-like method. Music by Ludwig Van Beethoven &heart;
Furniture and set designed by Eero Aarnio.

I love the minimalistic atmosphere, the camera direction and the bright colors!!!

- What's going to be then, eh?

- There was me, that is Alex, and my three droogs, that is Pete, Georgie, and Dim, Dim really being dim, and we sat in the Korova Milkbar making up our rassoodocks what to do with the evening...

20 agosto 2009


19 agosto 2009


She has very large marble-like feet,
however she didn't like wearing heels...
Women look hot on heels...

Their legs stretch like columns to the S

18 agosto 2009


I wish I had been at this festival...
I wish people at my age would start thinking like 40 years ago people did...
I wish everything was Peace & Love