30 septiembre 2009

C > T

Don't like coffee.
Don't like tea.
If I had to, I'd choose coffee.

29 septiembre 2009


28 septiembre 2009

Luddite goes geek

I'm typing from my brand new laptop...
The idea is not very exciting as I was reluctant to try all kind of technology a.k.a. cellphones, Blackberry, laptops and shit like that.
Well, now that I've gone from hippie to yuppie I irremediably had to get a laptop as is an essential working tool...
Anyway... my Luddite days are long gone.
I shall embrace frivolous high-tech devices...

27 septiembre 2009

Autumn y'all

There's something poetic about Autumn.
Maybe Autumn is just about nostalgia and sadness while watching the leaves flying in the wind.

Cool Autumn illustration by Ben The Illustrator.

26 septiembre 2009

About the past

Today I learned past is just waiting right behind you, ready to fuck up with the present.

25 septiembre 2009

While watching the news

Me - What do you think about that new poetry book Ma?
Ma - I have never liked poetry...
Me - Really? Why is that?
Ma - I think poetry makes people cry.
Me - But what about the inspiring poetry... that doesn't make people cry.
Ma - The very idea that a human being utters such beautiful words just makes me jealous...

24 septiembre 2009

♥ will tear us a p a r t

Model: Shanay Hall
Photos by Darren McDonald

23 septiembre 2009

Shortest sci-fi story ever

Boy meets girl
Boy loses girl
Boy builds girl

22 septiembre 2009

Death is gonna call you out and ask:

What have you done with your life?

*These words were utter by a big-brown-mustached lecturer this evening at work.
Pretty shocking words...

Leggy chocolate bar

+ Very funny GIF pic by Mitchel Spider. Click on it to see it running!

21 septiembre 2009

I'd like to change this fucking world

One of my students presented this movie for a project at school. He told me this is one of the most touching films he's ever watched. I can't wait to watch it myself!

-Quiero hacer teatro porque quiero hacer algo por mi y por los demas, Quiero hacer teatro porque creo que sirve para comunicarse entre los seres humanos, porque creo que puede ser un camino hacia el entendimiento, y hacia la comprension... Por eso...

-Así que quieres cambiar el mundo...


Haunted Nintendo DS

+ Funny stuff by Jess Bradley.

20 septiembre 2009

Death in the afternoon

"This on-going series explores photography's relationship with death. The pictures are a collection of hazy moments set within the environment of the bed: a locale in which notions of life and death are implicit.
The bed is also a space in which a metaphysical departure from reality frequently takes place. During sleep one's mind can enter dreams, and the foggy blur between sleep and consciousness can be a liminal space in which we drift.

Sexual experiences in the bed can also provide a similar liminal departure, or euphoria, and the atmosphere of this series strives to describe such a dream-like state. The pictures could be considered abstractions of the french idea la petite mort (the little death) - a momentary transcendence after orgasm. While the orgasm as an act is inherently connected with the creation of life, it also holds a resonance in terms of a spiritual release, or jouissance ("bliss", for the want of a more accurate translation).

Sigmund Freud explained jouissance as an experience "close to death", while Roland Barthes described jouissance, in his seminal work The Pleasure of the Text , as the ultimate goal of "writerly" literature. The literary objects depicted in this series are a reference to this ideal. Dispersed throughout the work are photographs of animals culturally symbolic of life and death (perhaps themselves dead, perhaps alive), reclining figures, open literary texts, and views out of the bedroom (perhaps looking out to another liminal space or reality)."
+ More of Guy Archard's delightful work here.


I dreamed of two tiny winged-creatures.
I even felt the wind in my hands.
A yellow one and a blue one.
And the sky was blue, which is not very common in my dreams.

19 septiembre 2009


In the middle of a very starry night a woman dressed in black, black curly hair and red lips knocks on M's humble house door.
(She's being scorted by two typical Mexican bodyguards)
M opens the door and the woman points a gun right to M's head.
M has the nerve to slam the door on the lady's face and rushes home.
M tells Mom: 'Hide under the bed and whatever happens, don't get out! Stay still!'
As M rushes back to the main entrance, Dad shows up out of nowhere asking what is going on. M tells him to go back inside home and stay there.
(Dad has just woken up from his evening nap)
M opens the door and now the woman and her two companions are waiting right in the middle of the road. The woman points the gun right to M's head and shots. M dodges the bullet and heroically pounces on the woman. He snatches the gun off the woman and shots the bodyguards.
(At this time all the situation has turned into a very bad Hermanos-Almada-like kind of movie. Just something really gross)
M shots the woman, who has suddenly and unexplainably moved right next to the bodyguards, and the gunfire starts. M feels how the bullets make their way into M's chest. Metal in his insights.
M shots the bodyguards and the lady, who die afterwards. M realizes that his Dad was right behind the door... and he's obviously dead.

17 septiembre 2009


Thanks to an anonymous reader I happily ran into these cool pics by talented Mexican Jaime Martinez, fellow countryman currently living in Mexico City. His work has been featured in lots of mags like German Rolling Stone, Nylon, Fan the Fire, Kinki Mag and Fifi Magazine among others.
I am a huge fan of this guy from this time on!
+Check out some more of Martinez's magnificent work here.

Take it off

Naughty naughty

16 septiembre 2009

About feeling a bit old

Had the chance to hang out with some 15 y/o students and I felt kind of old, even though I'm just 10 or 9 years older. I don't play any videogames, I don't know who Hanna Montana or the Jonas Brothers are and I find Twilight and Edward Cullen pretty lame, so I can admit now that I'm officially getting old or maybe just old-fashioned.

13 septiembre 2009

Pretty hairy thing

Early last week I went to the Fac and when I was leaving the building a beautiful skinny long-haired brunette came out of the ladies room. Love at first sight...
Didn't have the nerve to ask her for her name.
Think I'm going to be hitting the fac very often from this time on.
Love skinny girls with long hair.

11 septiembre 2009

Someone once told the grass is much greener on the other side

Found these pics at Nomenus Quarterly, the world's most expensive magazine, just $6500.
Just 10 copies per issue.

10 septiembre 2009

Why does it always rain on me?

Don't like rain at all... :(

07 septiembre 2009

The X

The Kiss (1897)

"In my art I have tried to explain to myself life and its meaning I have also tried to help others to clarify their lives." -Edvard Munch

06 septiembre 2009

Trust no one...

...but yourself.

*I eavesdropped these shocking words yesterday on my way home.

05 septiembre 2009

I piss everywhere