03 septiembre 2009


I've just had a talk with my new colleague at work. We got into this glass cubicule ready to work. I don't know, there are sometimes when you feel like something is going to happen that day.
Last night I had a weird dream, as I usually do.
Now, my new colleague and now my new friend tells me a story, a tru life-based on her life story.
I'm shivering as from impotence, confusion and certain rising hope.

I've realised I have not done anythingexciting lately and life just runs right in front my eyes and I'm just a quiet, useless spectator.

I thought I had already chance my moves, but evidently I haven't...

I'm not living life to the fullest... I'm not giving myself that chance: love again, make the people around happy again and marking the ground in people's lives.

I'm just existing... not living...
I feel so powerless and limited. I'd like to read an travel, eat and laugh, walk and draw... many many things but truth is I'm way too limited and I'm so disappinted with myself...
Now, as I'm sitting here, i make some random silly questions about my future (if it is that I have one).

It's time to change again... but this time a truly change, take some risks, learn and grow.

I'm trembling of fear, confusion and excitement.

Is life supposed to be like this?

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  1. I had a friend who used to tell me some years ago that I wasn't living, that I was just surviving;another way to say what you new friend told you, and it's true, sometimes we let life go or pass in front of us and we do nothing...most of times i feel the same way, and it does scare...but you are a great person, and soon you'll find the way to enjoy your new life, to make history!!!!!!!!!