09 octubre 2009

The thin line is just a word

I sometimes feel there's a huge black cloud trying to get me, just waiting for rain all over fucking me. It just takes a fucking snap to knock down everything that you have painstakingly built yourself. Castles in the sand...
My dad an hour ago had what we might say was a wake up call of his diabetes. He started stattering and mumbling, uttering incomprehensible words and phrases. I had to help him change clothes in order to take him to the Doctor, as he refused Mom's help.
It broke my heart to see him squeeze the toothpaste and spread it all over his toothbrush. I mean... he's fucking 56 and he was acting as if he was fucking 5!!!!

He told me he's fucking tired of the fucking situation he's in. he's tired of being tyrannized by my cold-hearted mother and my fucking annoying good-for-nothing brother. I do understand my pop.
Nevertheless, I just told him to grind and bear it, as it's almost impossible to change the entirely family habits.

Family... funny word though.

Bunch of strangers ready to backstab at each other with nothing more painful but words.

Fucking words...

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