19 marzo 2010

S is for Spring cleaning

Spring Sun has been heating things up around here lately. People get rid of coats and stop drinking coffee and start wearing t-shirts and sip on cold beer.
After the most hectic week at work I was fucking pleased to see I pulled every single thing off.
My plan to take over my new and beloved institution is still going on the good track, regardless of the days I didn't sleep at all and last minute changes and weird twists.
I got 10 at Gastronomy, I was clapped at Pedagogy and even when I felt I was about to fail due to incompetent and disorganized bunch of minions, I managed to take the helm and lead my entire troop to land safely. I don't give a shit, I'll cut some heads though...
Kudos for Amadeus who had the chance to be the MC during the project presentation ceremony, even when it was clear some of our distinguished presiding members had no clue about what he was saying in English. he's got what he wanted: exposure.
I have to say yesterday was one of the most fulfilling days of my life: all the clapping, congratulating and cheering were quite the right food I was expecting to nourish from. I've also realized I've become a complete animal who feeds on compliments for what I do.
That's the fuel I need in order to keep on going what I do, otherwise I'd have changed business long time ago. Just gotta be careful though... One of the problems of being on top is that you can suddenly have a public deafening fall. Ask Icarus about it...
World culture has told us spring is everything about rebirth and renew. Greeness everywhere and the smell of fresh prairies fill my pituitary gland and makes me alive.
Time to take out whatever is rotting inside and leave doors and windows open, always waiting for the winds of change...
And when we thought powerful March Sun would melt everything on its way, it seems Messenger chat was colder than witches' tits last night when Redheaded Girl bumped into Lowly Boy. Viejo Sol couldn't heat up our Boy's cold shoulder. No one wants to be paid with indifference. Did you learned your lesson well?
Gringo culture tells the world Spring cleaning is everything about huge boxes piled on the streets, full of things that might he a treasure for someone else.
It's time to get rid of the burden I carry on my shoulders, all the bullshit that has gotten on my way and that somehow ties my to the past. I have to take the skeletons out from my closet and bury them deeply.
So bring the boxes y'all, spring cleaning is just around the corner.
Make sure there's plenty of space in those boxes to fill up.

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