26 agosto 2009


The purpose of opening this new section here is to celebrate simple yet touching things, scenarios or people that still make us believe in life.
This is my friend Pako, a 7 y/o Poodle. He's the only one at home jumping and cheering when I arrive home after work; he loves chocolate covered cookies, ice cream, frightening birds away and rolling over the lawn. He's one of my best friends, he's always there for me...
I remember seven years ago I was really depressed because I didn't know if I was going to graduate from High School when the University had already accepted me in. I wanted to die just because I felt destiny was against me. I was reading a Chemistry book and started crying 'cause I couldn't get a fucking shit from the book.
Pako heard me and he went right to me, lift his paws and touched my knees. I stared at him and he was looking at me with his innocent smile and his sparkling brown eyes...
We love hitting of the street on Sunday. I fucking love my dog!

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