01 agosto 2009

The Valley

I live in a very small, green Valley in the south of the state. I like it here but it's very dirty, you know, typical Mexican problems: garbage everywhere, dog poop, the size-of-craters puddles and unecessary bumps in the streets.
There's a hill with a small cathedral on top, called 'El Calvario'.
I really like this place, I go there almost every weekend because of the fantastic view of the city.
Some 200-y/o trees were cut down because a couple of months before a lightning stroke one of them.
I sometimes go there and just stare at the peeps walking and driving in the Valley, listen to the situations and try to understand peoples' behavior.
I ask myself silly q's and smile with certain glee...
I took these pics myself...

As Patrick Wolf in Pumpkin Soup says:
"Sometimes in the evening ii find a green spot in this town
And i hide myself thinking of those circling skies..."

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