13 diciembre 2009

Heads will roll

Pretty much done with the fucking semester at work. I had never cut so many heads so far in my teaching career. Those li'l slackers deserved it I got to say...
Rising rage and anger against me is not a daily bread for me, but I had to face it though. I can recall that on my beloved CILC it was hard for me to fail students. I actually failed 8 or 9 in 2 years and a half I worked there.

Quite a different story at the Lynx's Cave. In just one group almost 10 people failed. Hard to believe. Tears and curses, threats and bribes were expected to show up. But me... just a cold heart motherfucker. I might have done something for them a couple of months ago, but after the whole ordeal I went through, I just realized that, if they didn't give a fuck about my class, why would I give a fuck about'em?

Not very good philosophy for a teacher, but it's nothing but the truth.

Heads will roll this last week at work, I just hope that among all this pointless college drama, mine doesn't roll too.

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