04 enero 2010

Goodbye Lowly Boy

One of my unsaid resolutions for this year was to let the past be the past.
Today I showed up before my now former boss to tender my resignation .
I just couldn't keep on working there, I was never happy living the 'experiencia U-Ve-eMe'.
Quite a relief now that I think about those sleepless nights I had when I used to think about that bunch of little spoiled brats had to throw at my face. Nonetheless I'm gonna miss some of the few self-worthy students I ran into while I worked there.
Anything to thank [Ú-Bé-Éme] for? Thanks for teaching me a valuable lesson: Nothing is what it seems...
I had inhabited quite pleasantly the boundaries I built myself for a couple of years until I made breakthrough decision. Once kicked out of my comfort zone, it was like awakening. I was turning into this mediocre critter, just teaching the same old books, telling the same old jokes and anecdotes. I forgot about overdoing myself, I forgot about topping myself in order to become a better professional and human being.
The second after I left my ex-boss's office I just stood still looking around me for a couple of seconds... I arrived to that school all happy, full of hope and dreams and turned out to be one of the most shocking and frustrating experiences of my entire life.
I was thankful for the chance I was given by working there, I am thankful now for the life-time experience and professional-improvement trigger implanted there. Thanks Mr. Lynx!
Now please aMaheus, put the cat to sleep...

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  1. Sorry 'bout that Matt... Someday that guy and all those kids will realize what a great teacher, friend...human being you are...and they will regret having fired you! Cheer up Matt, something better might be 'bout to come for you...sometimes changes are good... Mira que tengo razones pa' decirtelo...