28 enero 2010

Yeah Yeah Yeahs' previous events

I cannot even punt into words how I feel after having witnessed one of the best and most-talked about concerts in Mexico in 2010.
I first listened to their album Fever to tell almost six years ago and from that time on I clang to their music. Quite talented Brian, Nick and Karen, whom in their early youth were considered a bunch of nerdy losers. One of my favorite songs from Fever to tell (2003)? 'Date with the night'.
Karen O's groans and moans included.
I can tell this is one of the greatest - and maybe one of the fewer- concerts I've ever been in.
I sang my lungs out in spite of suffering from this annoying sore throat thing.
The day before, as I have tons of stuff to do I went to bed -literally speaking- at 4 am and got up at 6h30 am, just two-fucking-hour sleep. Well, I might say nap...
Zombie-like I wandered through the aisles of my beloved Institute and I successfully pulled all the stuff off, considering that I just had the chance to close my eyes for 120 minutes that morning. Got my rather informal attire to hit it off to the concert and then flew to Mexico City in order to meet Readheaded Chick and of course, my date that night with The Yeah Yeah Yeahs...

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